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Insight: State Budget / CADA / Train Safety / "The People's Warrior"

Published June 29, 2011

State Budget - Democrats passed a state budget last night without Republican votes. It includes deeper cuts than the Democrats had hoped and it won't put a tax increase on the ballot like Governor Jerry Brown had wanted. Some critics say it includes overly optimistic revenue projections based on assumptions the economy will improve. It also includes some legally questionable methods for saving money and generating revenue, like the elimination of redevelopment agencies and taxing online businesses such as We'll talk with Capital Public Radio's State Government Reporter Ben Adler about the budget.

CADA - The Capitol Area Development Authority was started up during Brown's first run as Governor. Now, more than 30 years later, the state legislature has passed a budget that eliminates redevelopment agencies. Today, we're talking with the executive director of CADA, Paul Schmidt, about what's in store for the program.

Train Safety - What does this train accident in Nevada say about train safety? Is there a broader safety concern surrounding train/vehicle intersections? Operation Lifesaver recently sponsored an event where they put truck drivers in the driver's seat of locomotives. The group is committed to increasing awareness about train crossing safety. We'll speak with Operation Lifesaver's Executive Director.

"The People's Warrior" - A new biography of the late Sacramento Congressman John Moss comes to bookstores July 1st. "The People's Warrior" is authored by Michael Lemov, a former staffer of Moss. The new book highlights Moss's notable accomplishments especially his authorship of the Freedom of Information Act which at the time faced great opposition from the government and the Consumer Product Safety Act. It also traces Moss's difficult childhood and his interrupted education at Sacramento Junior College.


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